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Boston Wedding Industry Verteran, Ceasar Cabral

Boston Premier is managed by Ceasar Cabral. Ceasar is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience performing weddings and corporate events throughout Massachusetts. With a reputation for excellence, the Boston Premier Band has performed at iconic venues such as The Society Room, Anthony's Oceanview, The Lord Thompson Manor, The Barns at Wesleyan Hills, and The Madison Beach Hotel. Ceasar takes great pride in his work managing one of the most successful Boston wedding bands in the area.

When asked what sets Boston Premier apart, Ceasar emphasizes: "Our goal is to create a more enjoyable event experience for you than you ever thought possible. The couples we serve are our passion, and we strive to exceed their expectations on the most important celebration of their lives. Boston Premier caters to a highly discerning and creative clientele in the Boston wedding and corporate event markets. We are known for creating unique events full of personalized details that will leave a lasting impression on guests/attendees. Whether it be a newly engaged couple or a corporate event manager, we never lose sight of the ultimate goal to deliver an event that surpasses our client's wildest and most beautiful dreams."

Our live band/DJ combo can't be matched!

At Boston Premier, we believe in surpassing the ordinary approach of simply playing music by combining the talents of our live band and a professional DJ. Together, we create a one-of-a-kind experience that is both unique and unforgettable. From meticulously curating the perfect playlist to flawlessly transitioning between live performances and DJ sets, we ensure that the music seamlessly flows throughout the evening, enhancing every moment of your amazing night.

A dedicated lineup of musicians!

Boston Premier performing a wedding at Ganite Links in Quincy, MA.At the heart of our success is our dedicated lineup of musicians and vocalists, a close-knit group who perform together regularly. When you have a dedicated team that truly knows one another, the magic that happens on stage is unbelievable. This tight-knit bond allows the band to be fresh, spontaneous, and incredibly creative when we perform. After performing hundreds of weddings together, we can effortlessly read each other's cues and dive into new musical territories with our audiences. You can feel the energy and synergy that radiates from the stage when we're in full swing.

Live videos from real weddings!

Here at Boston Premier, we don’t use over-the-top, studio-enhanced videos to sell the band. Everything we present to our potential clients is actual live footage of recent weddings. This is our work, and we are proud of the amazing celebrations that we create for our couples. After all, we aren't just planning an event; we're building memories that last a lifetime.

Our live videos showcase the authentic experience that Boston Premier delivers to our clients. The recordings accurately capture the atmosphere, the crowd's enthusiasm, and the infectious energy that fills the dance floor. What you see in those packed, joyful moments is exactly what you can expect at your own wedding or event.

A perfect day, in every way!

Boston Premier provides a variety of specialized musical services that will make your wedding day complete and truly unforgettable.

A bride and groom leaving their ceremony at St. Clements Castle as guests applaud.

Ceremony Music - Setting the tone for a magical day.

Boston Premier can provide DJ ceremony music to those couples who reserve the band for their reception. Nick, our pro DJ, offers a vast repertoire of classical, contemporary, and liturgical music. He has the knowledge and experience to create the feeling you envision and make it run seamlessly. Your special musical selections will be timed perfectly, and he’ll be there to make sure your guests will be able to hear every word as they enjoy your beautiful wedding ceremony.

For those couples who prefer a live musician, our pianist is also avialble.

Boston Premier's keyboiardist and saxophonist performing at a wedding cocktail hour at Anthony's Ocean View in New Haven, CT.

Cocktail Hour Entertainment - We're just getting warmed up!

The cocktail hour is when you and your guests finally get to sip, munch, and mingle before the reception begins. Our musicians will be ready to set the mood for the fun evening ahead. Whether you’re having a solo musician or a trio of players performing at your cocktail hour, we’ll take great care in providing a tasteful blend of favorites that are played at a comfortable volume level so that conversations aren’t overpowered.

Musical Options

Solo Pianist, Solo Smooth Jazz Guitarist, Jazz Duo: Guitar/Piano
Jazz Trio: Sax/Piano/Drums

The Bride and groom entering their reception as guests applaud.

Reception Entertainment - Let's get this party started!

Music and dancing – this is where it gets fun. Boston Premier has the highest reputation for high-energy performances that are guaranteed to get your guests off their seats and onto the dance floor. From your grand entrance to your final dance of the night, we’ll bring your party to life with a wide-range of the best party songs that you and your guests will love!

Our wedding celebrations are AMAZING events, and we love what we do! We want to help you throw one seriously epic party that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Connecticut Venues and Weddings That Boston Premier Has Recently Performed At.

Like the best of the Connecticut wedding bands, Boston Premier has performed weddings in Hartford, Madison, Greenwich, and beyond since 2011. Fair to say- we have some favorite venues in the state that we get excited about. What's so great about wedding venues in Connecticut? Everything! Connecticut has many incredible venue options to choose from. The weddings that we have performed here have had a unique feel with a myriad of picturesque backdrops. We've visited many beautiful venues, from The Madison Beach Hotel to the Aria to the majestic Society Room. There's no question that couples have endless options to suit their specific needs and tastes. Below are a few recent weddings that we have performed at.

Anthony's Ocean View Wedding in New Haven, Connecticut

The Bride and groom kissing on the beach at Anthony's Oceanview in New Haven, CT.Connecticut weddings at Anthony’s Ocean View are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Soft sand, gentle ocean breezes, and the glow of the beach at sunset. It's like your very own paradise right here at home. If you are looking for perfection, Anthony's Ocean View will dazzle you and your guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Jessica and Gavin held their wedding on a spectacular July day at Anthony's Ocean View. The breathtaking waterfront setting, amazing cuisine and incredible dance party made this event one of the most spectaular weddings of our season.

Priam Vineyards Wedding in Colchester, Connecticut

Cynthia and John enjoying their wedding day at Priam VineyardsPriam Vineyards, located in Colchester, CT, is a beautiful location to create a wedding that will be beyond your expectations. The surroundings of the vineyard and winery are conducive to inspiring love, laughter, and memorable life experiences. If you haven't visited Priam Vineyards, you should make it a point to plan a tour.

On a picture perfect day in September, Cynthia & John celebrated an unforgettable wedding on the picturesque hilltop of Priam Vineyards. It was an amazing evening of love and joy, and we were thrilled to be part of their special day.

Mystic Yachting Club Wedding in Mystic, Connecticut

The Bride and groom walking from their ceremony site to the reception.The Mystic Yachting Club, located at the Mystic Shipyard, is nestled on the bank of the Mystic River and is one of the area's most picturesque locations. It has plenty of New England charm with amazing architecture and panoramic riverfront views for miles. The Yachting Center is a beautiful venue perfect for intimate weddings and celebrations.

Chrissy and Ryan celebrated the most AMAZING wedding day at the Mystic Yachting Center. They were surrounded by love and you could see the joy on their faces as they were about to begin a new chapter in their lives together.

Madison Beach Hotel Wedding in Madison, Connecticut

The Bride and Groom Raising their toast glasses at their head table.This elegant wedding venue on the coast of Connecticut overlooks Long Island Sound. With its picturesque views of the water and New England-styled architecture, The Madison Beach Hotel has everything you'd dream of when you decide on a summer beach wedding. Whether you envision being barefoot on the beach or the manicured lawn, the venue offers an incredible spot for your wedding ceremony. Inside the facility, guests love the style and feel of the luxurious grand ballroom.

We loved everything about Cameron & Matthew's wedding day! Every detail was gorgeous, and needless to say, the dance floor was busy all night long! Check out some of the photos from their day!

Glastonbury Hills Country Club Wedding in Glastonbury, Connecticut

Jose and Susan kiss before they leave for their honeymoon.Glastonbury Hills Country Club is highly renowned not only for their beautiful golf course, but also their wedding receptions. There is an amazing panoramic view of the course from the main ballroom. The facility is the perfect venue for your event as it offers extraordinary food and over the top service to make you feel welcome, comfortable and cared for.

Jose and Susan enjoyed the most AMAZING wedding day last April at Glastonbury Hills. It was such a wonderful celebration for a charming couple, and the entire day overflowed with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories will be shared for many years to come.

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