6 tips to help you make the most of your wedding reception

A wedding crowd dancing to the music of Boston PremierOne of the best parts about being a Boston wedding band is celebrating with you at your wedding reception. If you desire an incredible wedding reception filled with fun and dancing, avoid the temptation of cramming too much into your event. Your once-in-a-lifetime party should be well-coordinated, have a great flow, and be something special. One of the primary reasons couples choose Boston Premier as entertainment for their reception is because they want a vibrant celebration with every last guest engaged and dancing the night away. However, scheduling too much into the event can affect the flow of the night and hinder the band's ability to bring the celebration to a heightened experience that everyone will remember. Over the years, there has been an increase in "enhancements" such as photo booths, ice cream sundae stations, cigar bars, and late-night snacks. If timed correctly, most items reviewed below can significantly enhance your reception. Unfortunately, when improperly timed, they can impact the guests' willingness to stay having fun on the dance floor and thus possibly deflate the room's energy. Here are some recommendations from Boston Premier that will help you throw the best wedding bash EVER!

A beautiful table at a Newport wedding reception.

Limit your meal courses

Avoid planning a seven-course meal for the wedding reception. Yes, we've experienced this once or twice over the years. Serving a seven-course dinner (even a five-course meal) will take valuable time away from the night's second half - when the band starts getting everyone fired up and having fun with the guests. Although we can compensate for the lost time by performing formalities between courses, a multi-course experience will stagger the flow of the evening and will not leave enough time for everyone to enjoy that fantastic dance party you want.

Include a bar in the ballroom

Request to have the bar in the actual ballroom where your reception is.
Some venues we perform at have a bar in an adjacent room outside the reception area. Although this scenario cannot always be avoided, larger rooms can accommodate a roll-away bar, dramatically changing the event's dynamics. When the bar is in the same room as the dance floor, it creates a more inclusive celebration and improves the overall energy for all your guests. Also, it makes it much easier for the band to entice guests to return to the dance floor. Guests can quickly grab a drink and get right back to the fun.

Consider a photo wall instead of a photo booth

Photo booths are a popular addition to wedding receptions, providing guests with a fun way to capture memories of the night. However, they can also distract and take away from the dancing. Photo booths can make it more difficult for us to keep the guests celebrating on the dance floor with the bride and groom. If you are concerned about missing out on capturing some fun photos, consider setting up a photo wall for guests to enjoy impromptu poses and laughs during your cocktail hour.

Time the ice cream sundae station while the band is on break

Ice cream sundae stations are another increasingly popular addition to a wedding reception. While the sundaes can be a welcome, tasty distraction for the guests, they can also decrease the number of people on the dance floor. Typically, we are asked to announce the station is open immediately following the parent dances, just as the band is trying to establish the dance floor after dinner. This effectively pulls guests in two directions: ice cream or the dance floor. We recommend announcing these sweet treats as the band takes their second break.

Save the cigar bar for the cocktail hour

Cigar bars have also become present at wedding receptions, as they provide guests with a chance to relax and enjoy a smoke. However, the announcement of the cigars can be a distraction for the guests, pulling them away from their dates/spouses, making it far more challenging to create that collaborative, fun atmosphere most couples want to experience. If you would like to celebrate with all your guests on the floor, consider offering the cigar bar during the cocktail hour or save them for the after-party.

Save the late-night snacks for the after-party

Serving late-night snacks during the final hour of the event is another popular trend we've encountered at recent wedding receptions. Yes, it allows guests to refuel after a night of dancing, but it also decreases the number of people on the dance floor as the band tries to build a climactic ending to the reception. Late-night snacks are equally enjoyable after the reception concludes. Consider serving your guests during the after-party.

Everyone wants to make their big day stand out among the many past weddings their family and friends have attended. As you can see, scheduling too much into the event can affect the flow of the night and hinder the band's ability to bring the celebration to a heightened experience that everyone will remember. Make sure your evening is manageable with activities/enhancements that will not pull your guests into different areas away from the dance floor. If you need further advice, Boston Premier is here to help with tips and advice on the best wedding timeline and the top music selections to play at your event so it is the best it can be.

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