Is it worth having a band at your wedding?

That question is one that many couples struggle with. There are multiple benefits to either choice of entertainment (band or DJ), but it's hard to figure out the significant advantages of each that will make your wedding an incredible experience for you and your guests.

Most couples don't know where to start or what questions to ask. All they know is that they want their night to go perfectly. As you begin your search for the right entertainment company for your special day, we would like to give you some insight into both options.


First, let's talk about the budget. Bands are considerably more expensive than DJs. Depending on their size, experienced Boston wedding bands charge between five and ten thousand dollars. Elite bands, managed by agencies, demand a premium and can easily cost over $10,000. Wedding DJs cost less than a live band, as they only employ one or two people to spin tracks and emcee. Typically, you can find a good wedding DJ for $2,500.00 or less for a 4-hour reception.

Advantages of hiring a band.

Bands offer a grand presence that sets the stage for an exciting evening. Many couples feel that hiring a live band for their reception creates a sense of sophistication and a one-of-a-kind experience. If you are hosting your reception at a spacious venue such as the State Room in Boston, the Providence Biltmore, or a Mansion in Newport, a band is better suited to make an impressive statement as your guests enter the ballroom.

Guests Respond to a Live Performance

Professional wedding bands connect with audiences in many ways and can really heighten the excitement level of a wedding. The charisma and showmanship of experienced performers will energize the dance floor and motivate your guests to party all night long. Even those who don't typically dance will still enjoy watching a band perform live as they interact with guests.

Bands Play the Greatest Songs

While it's true that wedding bands do not have the capability of playing as many songs as a DJ, experienced bands have a finely curated repertoire that will pull everyone out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Also, bands can personalize their performance, taking it in many directions. Musicians can spontaneously play off the audience by changing lyrics, adding solos, and adding fun twists on the spot. Also, don't worry about whether the band can learn your special dance selections. Professional Boston wedding bands are capable of learning special request songs for your first dance and dances with your parents.

Band Breaks

It is customary that bands take two short breaks during a standard four-hour reception. The first break will happen when the main entree is served to guests. Typically, that is when the musicians also eat their meals and fuel up for the rest of the evening. After dinner, the band will play another 50-minute set and then take a 10-minute break. If you are concerned that your party may fizzle out while the band is off, most bands have a killer list of dance favorites that are played over their sound system while the musicians are off, keeping you and your guests on the floor.

In Summary

Great wedding bands have spent years mastering their craft and achieving a vibe that people gravitate to. Musicians are dynamic performers that love to interact with the crowd. The songs they play are instantly recognizable, connect with every age group, and have the punch needed to draw the audience out of their seats and onto the dance floor. A great wedding band will leave an indelible impression on your guests, making your wedding one for the history books!

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Advantages of hiring a DJ.

A good wedding DJ can set the right vibe for your reception. Today's DJs are innovative party starters with an extensive library of songs that offer an infinite variety of musical possibilities. Experienced DJs know how to read the crowd to electrify the room and motivate everyone to dance the night away.

Reception Enhancements

Although DJs can't replicate the energy you'll get from a band, they make up for that by offering reception enhancements that create a wow factor. Some DJs have brilliant dance floor lighting systems that will add a dance club atmosphere that guests love. Most offer wireless uplighting to accent the architecture of your reception facility. Dancing on the Clouds is another popular enhancement that some DJs carry. This system covers the dance floor in a completely safe layer of billowing clouds that dissipate as magically as they appear. Lastly, monogram projections are a popular choice. They can display your initials, names, your wedding date, or a custom-designed logo on the dancefloor or wall.

Non-Stop Music

The hits keep coming! While bands will take a couple of short breaks during an evening's performance, DJs can play your favorite dance tunes continuously for the entirety of your reception. Also, their extensive music library with the most up-to-date singles can build a fantastic dance party as they serve up requests from guests.

Noise Ordinances

Some outdoor wedding venues have stringent noise ordinances. One such venue is the Connemara House Farm in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Decibel levels inside the tent at the Connemara House Farm cannot exceed 80db. When you add in the natural ambient noise of guests conversing or singing along to the music, a live band can't perform in compliance with those restrictions. DJs, however, will have a much easier time adjusting their volume to remain below the maximum allowed level of sound.
DJ console at a wedding party

Musical Customizations

Some couples specifically request several customized song selections during the introduction of their bridal party. They want a particular theme song played as the bride and groom's parents are introduced. Different musical selections will also be assigned as every bridesmaid and usher make their appearance. Finally, the bride and groom will want their anthem song as they make their grand entrance into the ballroom. A competent DJ can handle that scenario smoothly and seamlessly. Couples also have more freedom in customizing a "must-play" list that they feel will work best for their celebration. DJs can also work around "do-not-play" lists much more easily with thousands of tracks of different musical genres at their fingertips.

In Summary

Hiring a professional DJ with extensive wedding experience is a huge plus. They will keep the party going for the entirety of the celebration, and their vast music collection is very beneficial, especially if you desire various musical styles from different eras. DJs also offer a variety of reception enhancements, such as photo booths, uplighting, and props that guests will enjoy.


So, is it worth having a band at your wedding?

If you are still at a loss as to the decision of having a band or a DJ for your reception, the best solution is to hire a band/DJ combo. It is the answer for couples who want to have the benefits of each. A few high-quality bands such as Boston Premier include a professional DJ as part of their standard musical entertainment services. Imagine getting all the excitement and spontaneity of live music with all the variety a DJ offers. Not only will you have the grand presence, the atmosphere, and the excitement of a live band that will pack the dance floor, but you can also have the flexibility of a DJ playing the original versions of the songs you love to hear. It's the perfect solution to best meet all your needs and desires!

Boston Premier offers a band & DJ combo for weddings!

Boston Premier Band walking together at a Boston Hotel Boston Premier is an experienced wedding band that also provides a professional DJ at every event. Our band & DJ services integrate seamlessly to provide our clients with extraordinary and impressive outcomes.

Band Configurations

We offer three configurations to suit your requirements, style, and budget. Each band is designed to be exactly the same in energy and approach. Whichever size option best suits your needs, your guests will be raving for years to come!

Help With Planning

Boston Premier has a dedicated coordinator that works closely with our couples to ensure they experience the celebration of their dreams! We’ll help you put together THE BEST WEDDING EVER!

Professional Emcee Services

We'll fully manage and emcee your event from start to finish. Your celebration will flow seamlessly and we'll keep your guests engaged and excited!

Lighting Packages Come Standard

Boston Premier weddings are bright and colorful events with the distinct "wow" factor that couples desire! We include two complimentary lighting packages that will enhance the atmosphere of your receptions.

An Entertainment Company You Can Trust

Hundreds of couples all over New England and New York have trusted Boston Premier with their most treasured celebrations. With Boston Premier, you'll have a one-of-a-kind celebration that everyone will remember.

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