An active wedding crowd dancing to the music of the Boston Premier Band.

Ready to make your wedding the party of the year? You’re in the right place.

The Boston Premier Band has been part of some amazing weddings throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and  Connecticut. There's nothing that makes us happier than to celebrate one of life's most significant moments with special couples like you. Over the many years we have been performing at weddings, we’ve developed the perfect wedding timeline with a signature style that newly engaged couples continuously hire us for.

A couple dancing at a wedding held at the Sheraton in Boston

We want to help you throw one seriously epic party that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Planning a wedding is a big deal, and it's unlike any other party you've hosted before. While some presume a fantastic wedding reception happens by chance, we know all too well that the best celebrations are carefully planned and crafted.

Boston Premier has a dedicated coordinator that works closely with our couples to ensure they experience the celebration of their dreams!

Boston Premier performing at a wedding on Block Island.

We genuinely love what we do more than words can say.

It takes a special team of professional musicians to be the very best in the wedding entertainment business. We are a group of close musical friends that are energetic, creative, polished, and fun – and we want nothing more than to give our couples the best day of their lives.

Performing in Boston Premier is not something we do just for a paycheck. It's part of who we are, it's our chosen profession, and we're very proud of that.

A bride and groom cheer in delight of the band's guitarist playing a solo.

We want your wedding day to be absolutely, undeniably, 100% perfect.

This is your day - your special moment in time, and we're the wedding band that will give you the musical experience you want! No matter if you are holding your wedding in Boston, Newport, or Hartford, rest assured in knowing that we will be with you every step of the way in creating an unforgettable wedding celebration for you, your family, and your friends.

This day is about YOUR vision and YOUR dream.

There is an art to creating incredible weddings that are remembered for a lifetime. The following video explains why our celebrations are so successful.

Experience a party like no other with our customizable band sizes - 6 to 9 piece configurations.

We offer three configurations to suit your requirements, style, and budget. Each band is designed to be exactly the same in energy and approach. Whichever option best suits your needs or preference, you'll get a band that will pack the dance floor performing the greatest hit music from Motown, Country, Funk, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, and today's chart-topping hits!

Boston Premier 6-Piece band posing for a publicity photo.

Our 6-Piece Band & DJ Combo

Boston Premier is a well-established Boston Massachusetts-based wedding band that carries years of experience entertaining at weddings and corporate events. Beyond our incredible talent and sound, our 6-piece band is renowned for its versatility and the unique ability to look into a crowd, understand it's energetic needs, and deliver the best music that the audience will connect with.

Boston Premier's 7-piece band poses for a photo.

Our 7-Piece Band & DJ Combo

With our 7-piece wedding reception band, you not only get an amazing night of entertainment but an experience that will pull everyone out of their seats and straight on to the dance floor. This particular band configuration is most popular with wedding couples who are planning an event of a lifetime. BP-7 has a gift for reading its audiences and an extensive song list which allows them to provide the best musical entertainment that will connect with guests both young and old.

Boston Premier's 9-piece band posing on stage for a photo.

Our 9-Piece Band & DJ Combo

This powerhouse wedding band is well-experienced in making any gathering an amazing event. Their extraordinary chemistry and combined talents bring incredible energy to the music with heart and soul. This band is tight, punchy, and on the mark! Additionally, this Boston supergroup is exceptionally versatile - they can play any style of music, keep a dance floor packed all night, and deliver an unforgettable performance you'll always remember.

"They kept our family and friends out on the dance floor ALL NIGHT!"

Check this out!!

Scenes from some of our 2022 weddings.

Our next big event should be yours!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most couples we speak with have never hired a band before, so we're sure you must have a few questions about the band and our processes. Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions that need answering.

Will you learn a new song that's not on your list for us?

Sure! Occasionally, our clients will have a "must play" song or two not in our repertoire. As long as the song request is within the band's instrumentation capabilities and general style, we'll be happy to learn it. We must receive your song request at least six weeks prior to the date of your engagement to prepare the song for performance adequately.

Will you organize our formalities and emcee the event?

Yes! We have a very well-organized planning process that we will go through together. Weeks before the event, our coordinator will collect all of the necessary information we'll need to orchestrate your event. We want you to enjoy every moment with your family and friends on your special day. The band will take care of it all, getting everyone in order and lined up, announcing the wedding party, and guiding you through each segment of the reception.

When does the band arrive?

Typically, the band's sound engineer and manager will be the first to arrive on-site to set up the majority of the equipment (speakers, wiring, mics, and lighting). The musicians and vocalists will report shortly after to get their instruments, monitors, and amps ready for the event. We will have everything set up with cases put away before any of your guests arrive.

Can the band play longer than the contracted time?

Yes! If the party is going strong and you feel you would like to extend the reception by an hour, we will be happy to accommodate your request. Our overtime rates vary according to the size band you reserve. The rates will be listed in the performance agreement. Please keep in mind the band may need a 15-minute break before the additional hour begins. Our DJ will "spin" while the band is off.

What type of reception enhancements can you provide?

We can supply an 18 piece up-lighting package for the ballroom. We can also provide two confetti cannons that will shower your guests with a blast of confetti at the end of the final song of the night.

Is Boston Premier insured?

Yes. We carry a general liability insurance plan. A certificate of insurance (COI) can be made available if required by your venue.

We have a friend that plays an instrument, can he sit in with the band?

Absolutely. Having guests join the band creates the best memories!

What is the instrumentation of your different-sized bands?

6-piece: 2 vocalists, guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums
7-piece: 2 vocalists, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, and sax
9-piece: 2 vocalists, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, sax, trumpet, and trombone

Do we need to provide a stage?

Boston Premier does not require a stage. However, raising the band on a stage is a nice touch, and does give the band a bit more visual presence. If you decide to rent a stage, the recommended size is 12′ deep by 16′ wide for the six and seven-piece bands. If possible, the nine-piece band should really have a 12' x 24' stage.

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