Who We Are

Boston Premier is one of Boston’s most sought-after wedding bands due to our unique combination of talent and professionalism. Our band brings a level of energy and enthusiasm to the stage that gets crowds up to celebrate! Exceptional service, creativity, organization, and mindful attention to detail are the driving forces behind our business. Anything less just won't suffice.

  • We are not a roster band.
    Boston Premier does not offer annual contracts at the beginning of each year to music students to fill multiple vacant positions under our well-respected brand. When you think about the exhaustive attention to detail involved in performing a seamless, well-executed wedding reception, you want a band with a dedicated group of seasoned performers who will flawlessly execute the celebration of your dreams. That’s exactly what we do.
  • We are not a pickup band.
    A few entertainment companies book several events using the same band name on the same day. They staff their ensembles by sending randomly available musicians to weddings to piece together a “band.” That’s not us. Boston Premier is a very polished wedding band that has a "tight" sound and a destinguished style of performance. Our group of accomplished musicians work closely as a team to provide an unparalleled experience that will leave you and your guests with an everlasting impression.
  • We do not sell other bands.
    Boston Premier devotes our full attention to the 40+ couples we serve annually. Our efforts focus solely on creating life celebrations that are as extraordinary and special as our clients. We do not represent or sell secondary bands if Boston Premier is unavailable for a couple’s date. While other companies expend valuable resources and energy overseeing multiple lower-tiered bands for their clients, we’ll be working diligently, giving you the time and personalized support to enjoy an unforgettable wedding experience.
  • We don't work with agencies.
    Being assigned to a couple by an agency without having the opportunity to discuss their event with them in person is not the best approach. You can only determine if a band matches your needs through a thoughtful, face-to-face discussion with the manager/leader of the group. During our initial discovery meeting, we will answer all the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask. Boston Premier will only take on clients for whom we are 100% certain we can deliver a celebration that aligns perfectly with their vision from start to finish.
  • We don't sell our services using over-the-top, studio produced videos.
    There's no smoke and mirrors here. No lip syncing, no rehearsed acting, no enhanced lighting, and definitely no studio trickery to deceive you. Every clip that we present is an authentic glimpse into real weddings we've performed this past season. We believe in keeping it real, in capturing the energy, the infectious joy, and the pure excitement that our couples and their guests felt on their special day. Always ask for live videos, and let the footage speak for itself!

Watching two people dedicate their lives to one another, while surrounded by family and friends, is a magical moment to witness and we take great pride in creating a celebration that lives up to those moments.

Our event coordinator, Ceasar, does everything possible to make our couples feel like the most important people in the world, knowing that every detail has been thoughtfully planned and executed just for them. They deserve nothing less. Our clients are our top priority and we will always go above and beyond providing them with the attention and support they deserve. After all, we're creating a celebration that will be treasured for a lifetime. A moment that will be etched in their hearts and minds forever. Beyond the great music and dancing, that's the kind of experience we strive to deliver, because we believe that your special day deserves nothing less than perfection.

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